Improved Akai MPK Reason Codec

I like the Akai MPK61 keyboard but was disappointed that the endless rotary controls would only put out absolute position messages that Reason could understand. There is a "relative" setting that could be used, but it puts out a message type which Reason doesn't handle. Similarly, the switches put out absolute on/off messages rather than "I've been pressed" so change your state message.

Improving Akai MPK keyboards in Reason

When you use the rotary controls on the Akai MPK49/61/88 keyboards with Propellerheads Reason there are some problems. Even though the encoders are continuous with no end stops, they put out absolute position info which doesn't correspond to the value being controlled. As you switch tracks, the rack device parameters which the rotaries are mapped to change. Once you move the the rotary just a little bit, the value jumps rather than change smoothly.