About Me

My name is Bob Snider and have been playing keyboard and guitar for a lot of years. Got started with MIDI and sequencing when Macintosh computers were small little white boxes with built-in B&W screens. The biggest project I led was developing and manufacturing the world's first 24 track hard-disk recording and editing system.

I'm amazed that on a laptop today we can do so much more than what required racks of equipment back in the day! Today I mostly use Reason and Ableton Live and enjoy finding ways to make the whole music creation process more intuitive and hands-on.

Unable to come up with a better name, I'm calling this site "Audio and Music Ideas." I hope to share some of the things that I've discovered and developed in the hope that you might benefit from it too. 

I love the outdoors (especially anything having to do with water) and live in New York with my wife and kids.