The Codec works with Reason 7

I've tested the MPK61EX codec with Reason 7 and am happy to report that it works. There are new devices that need to be added to the Remote Map file in order to have control of their parameters, but all existing devices can be controlled as expected. If anyone needs to control a new device, either group it in a Combinator and map the most needed controls to the 4 knobs and buttons on the combinator, then those can be controlled.  If if you are more adventerous, consider editing the Remote Map file.  If you do and would like to pass it on for others, I would be happy to share it.

Improving Akai MPK keyboards in Reason

When you use the rotary controls on the Akai MPK49/61/88 keyboards with Propellerheads Reason there are some problems. Even though the encoders are continuous with no end stops, they put out absolute position info which doesn't correspond to the value being controlled. As you switch tracks, the rack device parameters which the rotaries are mapped to change. Once you move the the rotary just a little bit, the value jumps rather than change smoothly.